LH4-U3 Multipurpose Mouse Cord Management Hub for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / Linux

Interface 4 SuperSpeed USB3.0 Port
Data Cable 3.3 Ft / 1M USB3.0 Cord
Supported System Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 / Vista, Mac OS
Dimension 109.8 x 126.7 x 27.5mm
Weight NA
Warranty 2 Years by BACK N Co., LTD

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3Manage cable, no limit of cord length
Play games without scruple

For game players or professional draughtsmen, mouse's slight mistaking make them lose the whole game; as we know, wired mouse is faster and more stable, but dragging cable causes bad operating effects; here cable manager avoids the trouble and brings you a better user experience.


Rational allocation, anti-skid plastic Steady placing

There is a metal block on the bottom, which strengthens stability and heat dissipation; plastic part also makes it more stable on the desk.


Soft rubber with excellent flexibility Easy to operate mouse

Scorpion design, made of high-quality rubber; elaborate slot with good elasticity fits for many kinds of mouse cable; soft holder is easy to adapt your mouse operation due to its flexibility.


Dismountable design Easy to carry

The trapper part and body are detachable, which is convenient to carry it out; when being removed the trapper, it becomes a 4-port USB hub.


4-port USB2.0 expansion Fit for various devices

1. Add the lacking USB ports, expand many devices at one time;
2. Move the USB port to desktop, no need bending down to plug;
3. Protect the original port from damage caused by plugging repeatedly;
4. Reasonable distribution of USB ports leaves enough space to connect many different devices.


SuperSpeed USB3.0 transmission 1G movie ≈ 10s

Built-in VIA USB3.0 controller with high efficiency and low consumption transfers data up to 5 Gbps, 10 times faster than USB2.0; precise mainboard provides a better guarantee for high speed.


Cool scorpion design Love at first sight

Black color and scorpion design make it cool and fashionable; ORICO logo in the middle is the LED indicator, which emits blue light, an amazing company for game players or work enthusiasts.


Multi-system supported Meet different expanding requirements

LH4-U2 is compatible with major systems on the market such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux and so on; support almost all of USB devices, hot-swapping, plug and play.


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