MPC-2A10U 105W 12 Ports (2.4Ax10 ,2 AC)

Interface 2 AC Outlets, 10 USB Charging Ports
USB Input AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Rated Power 2500W (250V 10A)
USB Output 5V2.4A Intelligent Recognition Per Port
Charging Protection Master Switch (10A)
Dimension 246 x 135.2 x 72mm
Dimension 136 x 245 x 72 mm
Weight 920 G
Warranty 2 Years by BACK N Co., LTD

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Supply station in public

AC outlets, USB ports and stand

2 AC outlets supply energy for computer host and peripherals; 10 USB ports can charge all kinds of cellphones and tablets, no connector, more convenient; the charging stand is easy to watch videos, perfect for supply in public, the office or at home. 

105W high power

Powerful and adequate

2 AC outlets (2500W) provide energy for appliances and peripherals; 10 USB charger whose single port outputs up to 5V2.4A, pumps out 105W to charge 5 tablets and 5 cellphones simultaneously. 

Creative stand, turn messy to tidy

Bran-new eco desktop, release your hand

Innovative stand design avoids winding between cables and solves the problem of no place settling devices; reasonable distribution of USB ports gives you a tidy desk and beautiful mood. 

More accurate charging

Intelligent IC, more reliable

Built-in Super Charge + intelligent IC can detect different devices and deliver ideal current to realize quick charge and reduce battery consumption. 

Integrated current-carrying copper

High-quality and safe

Adopt high-quality current-carrying copper, as the important conductor inside with high elasticity, strength and conductivity, avoiding the fire hazard, providing a safe environment for you. 

Lightning and surge protection

Safely use on a stormy day

Surge shock causes computer crash, data loss and battery life of phone / tablet / power bank shorten. With anti-surge integrated circuit, ORICO MPC-2A10U uninterruptedly absorbs spike current of high, medium or low intensity, protecting precision electric appliance all the time; while meeting with strong lightning, it will instantly start to self-destruct and cut off the circuit to guarantee the security of equipments.

Simple design, decorate your life

To be a beautiful surge protector

Every line and corner are carefully crafted, decorating your desktop, which is not only for visual aesthetics, but also for humanized use.

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