1105SS 3.5" Mobile Rack For SATA I,II,III

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Compatible 3.5 inch HDD/SSD
Switch HDD Care ON/OFF Switch
Capacity 8TB
Driver Driver Not Required
Supported Systems Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP or Mac OS 9.1 and above
Safety Lock Yes
Dimension 145 x 185 x 40 mm
Weight 550 G
Warranty 2 Years by BACK N Co., LTD
As low as ฿950.00

Quick storage

Tool-free to switch hard drives in 3s; alloy panel thermal convection; excellent SATA performance; widely compatible with optical drive bay of computer case.

Large capacity, high performance

Easily handle massive files

SSD and external replaceable storage are more and more popular; how do you handle 4K film & TV technology, 3D video technology, lossless audio, HD pictures and other many kinds of data?

Easily switch hard drives

Allow you to quickly install system and feely transfer information among multiple system or hard drives, convenient for your work.

Tool free installation

Install your hard drive without tools in 3 seconds.

How to use especially when hot-swapping

Hot plugging: 1. Put hard drive into 1105SS and close the case door; 2. Press the power switch of 1105SS; 3. Right click "My Computer" - "Attribute" - "Hardware" - "Hard Drive" - "Scan and Detect Hardware Drive", then system will find your hard drive. Note: Some lower spec computers will get stuck temporarily after being plugged hard drive. Don't worry! This is a normal phenomenon. Just wait a second and operate as 2 steps above. Hot drawing: 1. Right click "My Computer" - "Attribute" - "Hardware" - "Device Manager" - "Hard Drive"; 2. Right click to uninstall the hard drive type you want to unmount. (Before clicking, ensure the browsing page of hard drive you will uninstall has totally closed and you can't see the hard drive type that shows uninstallation has done.) 3. Turn off the power switch, wait a second, after motor stops operating, you can take out hard drive from 1105SS. Way to download driver: Log in ORICO official website: www.orico.cc, click "Driver Download" and search the product model.

Solid and good heat dissipation

Solid alloy chassis and convection ventilation holes ensure good heat dissipation.

Colorful LED, power control

Colorful LED shows operating status at any time; power switch control, more energy-saving.

Safety lock

Safety lock prevents hard drive from popping accidentally or being taken out by someone, keeping data safe.

Standard SATA port

1105SS's SATA program is highly compatible with motherboard, more durable.

1:1 standard optical drive bay

Compatible with standard computer case, capable of building RAID, improving applied range.

Shockproof and steady

Adopt high-quality mould, perfectly fit for 3.5 inch SATA hard drives; inner shockproof structure makes it work steadily.

Tool free fenestration design

Switch different hard drives without any tools in 3s, more conveniently; support hot-swapping.