AMS1 Aluminum Phone / Tablet Stand

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Chassis Aluminum Alloy + Rubber
Dimension 104 x 92 x 95mm
Weight 0.15kg
Warranty 2 Years by BACK N Co., LTD
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Aluminum phone / tablet stand

Aluminum alloy chassis with simple design shows unique product style.

Healthier browse mode

Often staring down at phone or tablet causes health problems easily; this stand provides a healthier browse mode for you. For phones / tablets Put a phone upright, put a tablet upright or horizontally, having more fun.

Your lazy stand

Hold your comfortable life.

Aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy chassis with Mac style is designed for those people who know it.

CNC cutting technology

Integrated CNC cutting technology makes it more exquisite.

Anodic oxidation process

Anodic oxidation process creates a comfortable handle.

60°visual angle

60°visual angle lets you are in a good condition when using, better to manage your work or entertainment.

Good heat dissipation

Sloping design not only provides a better visual angle, but also improves airflow, helping to dissipate heat.

Stable silicone mats

Silicone mats with triangle design, more stable.

Managing cable hole

The sleek and delicate hole on the back is easy to manage messy cables.