H7928-U3 7 Ports USB3.0 HUB w/ 12V 3A Power

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Interface 7 SuperSpeed USB3.0 Ports
Power Supply 12V 3A Power Adapter
Data Cable 3.3 Ft / 1M USB3.0 Cord
Dimension 174 x 72 x 26.5mm
Supported System Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Dimension 70 x 174 x 28 mm
Weight 140G
Warranty 2 Years by BACK N Co., LTD
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A necessary hub with high performance
Fast and beautiful

Lacking USB ports can't connect too many USB devices; old computer configuration makes a bad performance; original port can be damaged by plugging repeatedly; rear USB ports on the computer case of desktop are hard to get.

7 Ports USB3.0 expansion
Support many devices

Original USB ports can't support more and more USB devices; H7928 7 Ports USB3.0 hub solves the problem and protect the original port, which can connect keyboard, mouse, U-disk, hard drive and etc; reasonable distribution of USB ports leaves enough space for different devices.

5 Gbps SuperSpeed transmission
10 times faster than USB2.0

7 USB3.0 ports transfer data up to 5 Gbps, 10 times faster than USB2.0, which can copy a SD movie in 10s, provide double power to sync quickly and steadily, backwards compatible with USB2.0.

VIA controller with dual core
High-quality and guaranteed

Controller is the key to decide a hub is good or bad. H7928-U3 is built in dual core VIA controller, which keeps every USB3.0 port operates at 5 Gbps; depend on ORICO years' PCB research experience, this hub becomes more powerful.

12V3A power adapter
Far away from inferior hub

Bus-powered hub connecting hard drives or other high-power devices is likely to have a power shortage, thus damaging hard drives; H7928-U3 is equipped with 12V3A power adapter, which provides stable and adequate power for USB devices including large capacity hard drives. If you often use hard drives, we suggest purchasing self-powered hub to avoid hard drives being damaged.

3.3Ft / 1M dismountable data cable
Move the USB port to desktop

3.3Ft / 1M dismountable data cable can move the rear USB port to desktop, no need bending down to plug, easy to carry.

Delicate appearance
Simple but unique

Simple design with matte finish make it more lovable. Every port is equipped with individual LED indicator, which confirms operating status with its soft and gentle light.

Compatible with almost all of USB devices

H7928-U3 is compatible with major systems on the market such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux and so on; support almost all of USB devices, hot-swapping, plug and play.

Multi-protection safety system

Built-in over current / voltage protection and short circuit and leakage protection keep devices and hub safe.