DUB-12P 100W 12 Ports (2.4A x 12)

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Port 12 USB Charging Ports
Output 5V 2.4A 100W
Input 100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Circuit Protection Overload Protection, Surge Protection, Leakage Protection, etc.
Controller Intelligent Detective IC
Certificate CE / FCC / RoHS
Compatibility 5V USB-enabled devices such as cellphone, tablet, power bank, bluetooth speaker, etc.
Dimension 102 x 138 x 29 mm
Weight 380 G
Warranty 2 Years by BACK N Co., LTD
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Public places special charge center

12 All full load output 100W power upgrade blessing

Are you still doubt the efficiency of charging multiple devices? And that is enough to charge the device to heat. DUB-12P 12 devices can be simultaneously centralized power, high efficiency and high safety factor large power centers, one-stop solution multi-device charging problem, you no longer have to worry about to worry about public charge multiple devices

100W power output farewell vacuity false charge

Born strong full power

ORICO DUB-12P is specially equipped with a large number of 5V 20A intelligent output power level to ensure it easy to support multiple phone / tablet while charging, suitable for home, office, business and public services and other occasions recharging.

88% high charging efficiency, boundless energy

Efficient charging low heat

Combined charging technology giant MPS to build high efficiency charger, complemented by sophisticated circuit design, significantly reduce the loss of the rectifier charger, charging up to 88% efficiency for the user to save more charging time do want to do, charging body temperature under control safety extreme value, lower temperatures, more secure.

All intelligent adaptation, pending the difference

How much how much allocation

Equipped ORICO developed Super charge ™ charging technology, according to different models intelligently current charge iPad, automatically adjusted to 2.4A, fast charge charge iPhone, automatically adjusted to 1.0A, not to hurt the machine all kinds of mobile phones, e-books, charging treasure, digital cameras, how much current will give much!

Limiting full-chip level interfaces 2.8A

Precision device is charging security guard

ORICO DUB-12P equipped with chip-level precision current limiting technology, all 12 interface USB interface to achieve accurate 2.8A current limit level standard, once the output current exceeds 2.8A, USB port power supply output is stopped, the protection of electronic equipment from damage, prevent accidental accidents.

Eight heavy protective security worries

High strength fireproof materials engineering, high-end configuration solid capacitors provide anti-overcurrent, anti-surge, anti-overvoltage, short circuit proof, anti-overcharge, anti-overheating, over power protection, fire protection module 8 heavy to ensure charge your device secure.